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Discords integration via Zapier


Here is an automation example on how to get new Movies added to the list automatically generate a post on Discord.

For IFTTT integration use "RSS Feed" + "Webhooks" (POST JSON message to Discord webhook)

Getting list RSS URL

From your list view My Lists click on RSS icon (Copy RSS URL).

Zapier integration

  • Click “Create Zap”
  • Search for RSS and select “RSS by Zapier”
  • For “Trigger event” select “New Item in Feed” and click Continue.
  • Enter Feed URL and click Continue.
  • Click “Test Trigger”. You will see some RSS data parsed by Zapier, click Continue.

  • For Action search and select Discord.
  • Choose “Send Channel Message” as Action Event and click Continue.
  • Select your Discord account or add a new one, click Continue.
  • On the next step, Select a Channel, fill message text as in the screenshot example below and click Continue to Test your created action.

Final result