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This is Documentation and Version History Portal for Create your own dynamic list using multiple ratings and keywords

About - best lists manager for

With data gathered through tmdb, trakt, and imdb with ratings from imdb, trakt, tmdb, letterboxd, metacritics, tomatoes, myanimelist and rogerebert, you can create the best damn auto-updating list for your media setup :) has full integration, it will create and update lists and sync your library progress, ratings and watchlist. You can use it to filter your lists, rate, or add to your watchlist without leaving site. provides prepopulated lists like ‘most pirated movies’, trakt trending, popular, anticipated, imdb most popular movies, and much much more. Alongside, your can import external lists from trakt, imdb, rottentomatos, bestsimilar, filter them, join and create your list based on any combination.

Also, you can filter movies currently in theaters, streaming on netflix, by cast, keywords, … or you can exclude them…

In your radarr setup, you can use lists managed by or you can add lists directly from by copying list URL and adding list via the ‘Custom Lists’ option.

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