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How to use

Start typing in the keyword dropdown to search for a keyword.
Use [Match All] to only include items that match all the selected keywords.

Keyword sources

Keywords are added from TMDb, Trakt and IMDb.

Keywords added by

In additional to TMDb, Trakt and IMDb keywords, mdblist adds some specific keywords listed below:

  • 4k-blu-ray - Added if the movie is listed as released in 4k on site
  • dolby-vision - Added for 4k-blu-ray movies with Dolby Vision
  • dolby-vision-cp - Added from “Technical Specifications” > “Cinematographic Process” for Movies with Dolby Vision
  • dolby-atmos - Added from “Technical Specifications” > “Sound Mix” section for Movies with Dolby Atmos
  • has-trailer - Added if Youtube Trailer link is available
  • bollywood - Added if language is ‘Hindi’ and the country is ‘India’
  • imdb-tv-movie - Added if ‘tv movie’ is present in IMDb title
  • imdb-video-game - Added if ‘video game’ is present in IMDb title
  • imdb-short - Added if ‘short’ is present in IMDb title
  • imdb-tv-special - Added if ‘tv special’ is present in IMDb title
  • imdb-video - Added if ‘video’ is present in IMDb title
  • imdb-tv-mini-series - Added if ‘TV Mini Series’ is present in IMDb title
  • hallmark - Added if any of distributors has string ‘Hallmark’ in title
  • certified-fresh, rotten, fresh - Added from rating
  • one-actor, two-actors, three-actors - Added when movie cast size is one, two or three actors
  • metacritic-must-see - Added from rating
  • belongs-to-collection - Added if movie belongs to a collection
  • first-in-collection - Added if a movie is the first movie in a collection
  • collection-follow-up - Added if a movie is not the first movie in a collection

Awards keywords

  • best-picture-winner
  • oscar-winner
  • emmy-award-winner
  • golden-globe-winner
  • oscar-nominated
  • best-picture-nominated
  • emmy-award-nominated
  • golden-globe-nominated